What is Trodax?

What is Trodax?

Trodax is a trading platform that performs transactions in several ways: when you do it manually or automatically when you set specific settings and filters. The system is designed so that each user will have their strategy for sales or purchase of cryptocurrency. Trodax platform is developed to make you profit after performing any transaction. Convenient is that all these operations do the bot, which works on an automatic principle. To learn more, go to trodax website.

Trading strategy

To use our platform you do not need programming experience or strong skills of a professional trader. You directly connect the API to the service, select the currency pair and settings to achieve goals that fit your business criteria. Trodax selects an individual strategy for each user. In the end, everyone makes a profit.

There is a specific algorithm for trading, in which you will not lose your money since the bot will not sell your currency cheaper than the average level. If, however, the currency will be less expensive on the stock exchange, the bot rebuys it and resells until the price is at least average so is done using the built-in algorithms, so you do not need to worry about losing your money, but our main task is to make a profit..

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