How to buy a medicine of new generation, Ambien

How to buy a medicine of new generation, Ambien

In recent years, a real revolution has been in the field of insomnia treatment. It is a result of the invention of selective hypnotic agents of the new generation, which affect only sleeping process.

Sleeping pills of the old generation from the benzodiazepine group (Lorivan, Waben, Valium, Klonax, and others) has an addictive property, so sometimes many patients become addictive.

In addition, benzodiazepines can have side effects, including reduced muscle tonus and short-term memory disorder. There is also evidence that these drugs cause sleep phase disorder.

Ambien as a medicine of new generation

Long-term studies of new drugs have clearly proved that they are effective, safe and are recommended for use without fear of addiction or dependence, provided they are taken in the required dosage (as it is indicated in the instruction for use). The group of Z-zolpidem drugs (for example, Ambien CR) maintain a normal, continuous sleep, help you fall asleep quickly and, as a rule, do not affect the feeling of freshness in the morning.

That’s why, nonbenzodiazepine sleeping pills, such as Ambien have more advantages over the previous generation of sleeping pills. You can read more detailed information about it on the online drugstore <a href=></a>.

What are the causes of insomnia?

The causes of insomnia are numerous, including the following:

  • chronic stress
  • excessive fatigue or physical exertion (working unsociable hours and not having time for rest)
  • improper conditions at home, adverse working conditions and improper regimens of rest
  • snoring of partner
  • poor ecology
  • noise
  • excessive illumination
  • a feeling of anxiety or depression.

But if insomnia is also accompanied by other symptoms, it is highly recommended to visit the doctor without any delay. Very often, patients with insomnia complain of: overweight, and its rapid increase in a short time, depression, apathy, daytime sleepiness, increased fatigue, irritation, suicidal thoughts, frequent attacks of hypertension and arrhythmias, elevated levels of sugar and cholesterol, etc.

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