How to Choose Summer Fragrances?

How to Choose Summer Fragrances?

Summer is the hottest season, so it makes sense to choose light fragrances which remind you of the fresh ocean breeze and don’t attract any bugs. You should prefer lighter perfume for summer because when heated, any scent is getting stronger and heavy perfumes can cause you many inconveniences (including headache). So, which perfume should be good for hot summer days?

Factors to consider

When choosing a summer fragrance, you should take into account its concentration. Even if you like oriental perfume and want to keep using it in summer, you should look for eau de toilette. Basically, it can be the same brand and name but less concentrated formula.

However, summer is supposed to be fun, bright, energetic, and adventurous. So why not try something new and light? You can explore the fragrance families at PerfumeDor and find the most appealing ones. Look through the citrus aromas to make every morning cheerful. Get an oceanic perfume to feel the mountain air, ocean breeze or the smell of fresh linen. You can also get something fruity or/and floral like Escada Turquoise Summer. One of the most iconic, fresh, and affordable fragrance is Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. You should definitely add it to your collection.

You can get a few light mono fragrances and mix them to get a new one every day.

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